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Book review – Angotti (Ed.), Urban Latin America: Inequalities and Neoliberal Reforms

February 1, 2019


This book review was published in the Journal of Latin American Studies, and can be accessed here .

Film review – The irresistible outside

August 23, 2017


Article published in the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, 4: 1&2, pp. 177-185 Brazilian film Mate-Me Por Favor (Kill Me Please) centres on the lives of four rebellious teenage girls against the backdrop of a series of brutal murders in the wealthy suburb where they live. I argue that the neighbourhood of Barra da Tijuca in […]

Polanyi’s double movement and imperial hegemony: A review of Arrighi and Silver

May 8, 2013


This review was written for the Observatório das Metrópoles, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, as Polanyi: A hegemonia do Reino Unido e dos EUA no sistema mundo In their article ‘Polanyi’s Double Movement: The Belle Époques of British and U.S. Hegemony Compared‘ (2003), Beverly Silver and Giovanni Arrighi compare the hegemonic eras of the United Kingdom at […]

Polanyi’s ‘double movement’ and US-European divergence: A review of Block’s neo-Polanyian framework

February 18, 2013


This review was published in Portuguese for the newsletter of the Observatório das Metrópoles at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, as ‘Trajetórias divergentes: EUA e Europa Ocidental | Perspectivas de Karl Polanyi’ Summary In this article Frederik Block (2007) adopts the conceptual framework of theorist Karl Polanyi in an attempt to explain how the […]

Offshore world: A review of Nicholas Shaxson’s ‘Treasure Islands’

June 11, 2011


An edited version of this review was published in the journal Renewal Vol 19 No 3/4 2011 Treasure Islands: Tax havens and the men who stole the world is Nicholas Shaxson’s sweeping account of the rise of the ‘offshore’ world. It is the story of how of corporate giants and the super rich, with their legions of bankers, […]

Living on the edge: A review of Janice Perlman’s ‘Favela’

April 11, 2011


Favela: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro is the culmination of a groundbreaking longitudinal study charting the life trajectories of residents in some of Rio’s most socially excluded neighbourhoods. As may be unavoidable given the subject matter and research methodology the book treads a fine line between academic and popular social science, […]