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Published article – The irresistible outside: Innocence, desire and transgression in a Brazilian urban utopia

August 23, 2017


Article published in the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, 4: 1&2, pp. 177-185 Brazilian film Mate-Me Por Favor (Kill Me Please) centres on the lives of four rebellious teenage girls against the backdrop of a series of brutal murders in the wealthy suburb where they live. I argue that the neighbourhood of Barra da Tijuca in […]

Hubris and Nemesis: Olympic Rio de Janeiro and the contradictions of Brazil’s development model

August 17, 2016


This blog post was written for the Political Studies Association blog.   In October 2009, then-President of Brazil, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, stood before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and delivered a speech that sounds as bitterly ironic now as it seemed momentous at the time. With the same rhetorical virtuosity that helped him […]

Published article – ‘Post-Third-World City’ or Neoliberal ‘City of Exception’? Rio de Janeiro in the Olympic Era

August 4, 2016


Abstract This article considers processes of urban development within the context of mega-event preparations in Rio de Janeiro. We begin with a brief overview of these development processes, highlighting their connections to political and economic change in recent years. Proponents of these mega-event-led initiatives argue that Rio is undergoing a period of inclusive growth and […]

Olympic Rio de Janeiro: ‘Post-Third World city’ or neoliberal ‘city of exception’?

December 29, 2013


This article was written for Rio On Watch   After its year of protest it’s time to re-examine what kind of Rio de Janeiro is emerging from the ‘city project’   The widely (though not universally) held belief that Brazil had entered a new era of economic stability and social progress was severely dented in […]

Brazil’s mega-event revolt: In search of a real ‘legacy’

June 27, 2013


The banner reads: ‘We demand “FIFA quality” schools, hospitals and policing’. This article was published for Anti-Capitalist Initiative As in other recent examples of large-scale urban unrest, the current protests in Brazil’s major cities bring together an interesting array of local, national and global issues. The grievances range from poor investment in key public services and […]

Interview with TNT Magazine

June 27, 2013


Here is the full text of an interview I did with TNT magazine for the article Riots in Rio: One million people protested across Brazil last week – why were they so angry?, by Oliver Jones. (NB. The interview was conducted on Wednesday 19th June, before the second large protest in Rio, at which point some […]

Back to the future? Urban transformation and public protest in Rio de Janeiro

June 18, 2013


Protesters display a banner of Mayor Eduardo Paes and State Governor Sergio Cabral holding Rio de Janeiro’s famous Christ statue hostage. The banner below reads “Who gives the order? Who gets the progress?” This article was published in English and Portuguese for Rio on Watch Rio de Janeiro has arrived. Or at least that’s what […]