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Peer-reviewed article – Hygienisation, gentrification, and urban displacement in Brazil

October 27, 2019


This article, co-written with Jeff Garmany (University of Melbourne) was published in the journal Antipode. It is available (with open access) here   Abstract This article engages recent debates over gentrification and urban displacement in the global South. While researchers increasingly suggest that gentrification is becoming widespread in “Southern” cities, others argue that such analyses […]

Book review – Angotti (Ed.), Urban Latin America: Inequalities and Neoliberal Reforms

February 1, 2019


This book review was published in the Journal of Latin American Studies, and can be accessed here .

Peer-reviewed article – Rio de Janeiro’s favela assemblage

January 29, 2018


Article published in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space   Abstract Assemblage thinking offers a new conceptual toolkit for analysing the relationship between society and space. However, major questions remain regarding both its ontological propositions and how it might be applied to the analysis of specific socio-spatial objects. This article contributes to these debates […]

Podcast – Appearance on Aufhebunga Bunga podcast

June 19, 2017


I appeared on the Aufhebunga Bunga podcast Episode 9 – An Englishman’s Castle: Housing and protest, alongside presenters Alex Hochuli and George Hoare and fellow guest Sam Cowie. We discussed the Grenfell Tower fire, Housing inequalities in London and São Paulo, and looked back at Brazil’s 2013 protests. The episode is available here  

Peer-reviewed article – ‘Post-Third-World City’ or Neoliberal ‘City of Exception’?

August 4, 2016


This is a peer-reviewed article, co-written with Jeff Garmany and published in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. It can be accessed here.  Abstract This article considers processes of urban development within the context of mega-event preparations in Rio de Janeiro. We begin with a brief overview of these development processes, highlighting their connections […]

Britain’s housing addiction: Time for rehab?

March 6, 2014


Politics in Britain starts and ends with housing. Issues like economic performance, immigration, public spending, and Britain’s relationship with the EU (and with itself) tend to grab the headlines. However, it is housing more than anything else that undergirds Britain’s economic structure and, by extension, its political status quo. The worrying thing is that it does so in a highly inequitable, unstable and unsustainable way.

Olympic Rio de Janeiro: ‘Post-Third World city’ or neoliberal ‘city of exception’?

December 29, 2013


This article was written for Rio On Watch   After its year of protest it’s time to re-examine what kind of Rio de Janeiro is emerging from the ‘city project’   The widely (though not universally) held belief that Brazil had entered a new era of economic stability and social progress was severely dented in […]