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Published article – Rio de Janeiro’s favela assemblage: Accounting for the durability of an unstable object

January 29, 2018


Article published in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space Assemblage thinking offers a new conceptual toolkit for analysing the relationship between society and space. However, major questions remain regarding both its ontological propositions and how it might be applied to the analysis of specific socio-spatial objects. This article contributes to these debates by using […]

Morro do Tuiuti: The hill that tells the story of Rio de Janeiro

August 22, 2013


This article was written for Rio on Watch If hills could speak, Morro do Tuiuti (Tuiuti Hill) would have a lot to say. It has borne witness to many of Rio de Janeiro’s key physical and social transformations over more than two hundred years. A lost history When the Portuguese royal family–in flight from Napoleon’s invading […]

Polanyi’s double movement and imperial hegemony: A review of Arrighi and Silver

May 8, 2013


This review was written for the Observatório das Metrópoles, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, as Polanyi: A hegemonia do Reino Unido e dos EUA no sistema mundo In their article ‘Polanyi’s Double Movement: The Belle Époques of British and U.S. Hegemony Compared‘ (2003), Beverly Silver and Giovanni Arrighi compare the hegemonic eras of the United Kingdom at […]

Polanyi’s ‘double movement’ and US-European divergence: A review of Block’s neo-Polanyian framework

February 18, 2013


This review was published in Portuguese for the newsletter of the Observatório das Metrópoles at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, as ‘Trajetórias divergentes: EUA e Europa Ocidental | Perspectivas de Karl Polanyi’ Summary In this article Frederik Block (2007) adopts the conceptual framework of theorist Karl Polanyi in an attempt to explain how the […]

Riots, Culture and Iain Duncan Smith’s Poverty of Analysis

November 9, 2012


This article can be viewed on the New Left Project website

Let’s talk about culture, Mr Starkey

September 6, 2012


In the heated and polarised debates that gripped Britain in the aftermath of the riots of August 2011, one statement stood out as particularly intriguing. Historian David Starkey, arguing of the need for “plain speaking” at such times of crisis, declared on the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, that “the whites have become black”. […]

Cameron’s mistake: British politics and the Return of History

April 26, 2012


An edited version of this article was published for Open Democracy as Cameron’s mistake, Murdoch and the ‘return of history’ The End of History Fukuyama told us that history was over, and David Cameron believed him. In a sense you can understand how he made the mistake. Cameron is the first modern British prime minister […]