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In defence of listening: Right-wing populism and the failure of political “science”

November 13, 2016


Like anyone who is likely to read this, I was horrified by Donald Trump’s election victory. I find the man and what he represents repugnant in ways I struggle to put into words. I don’t see how anything positive can come from his presidency and only hope it will prove to be less disastrous than […]

Hubris and Nemesis: Olympic Rio de Janeiro and the contradictions of Brazil’s development model

August 17, 2016


This blog post was written for the Political Studies Association blog.   In October 2009, then-President of Brazil, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, stood before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and delivered a speech that sounds as bitterly ironic now as it seemed momentous at the time. With the same rhetorical virtuosity that helped him […]

On Corbyn and our collapsing orthodoxies

October 7, 2015


our collapsing This article was published on Open Democracy A strange thing has happened in the British political scene since the financial crash of 2008. On the one hand, many mainstream economic commentators have begun to question the orthodoxy that prevailed prior to (and which was largely responsible for) the crash and its continuing fallout. […]

Some thoughts on power and reality…

July 3, 2012


This article was republished on the website Shifting Grounds as The power of corruption: Part I and The power of corruption: Part II After the expenses and phone-hacking scandals you could have been forgiven for thinking that Britain’s elite institutions had hit rock bottom. You would have been wrong. Like a nervous Hollywood studio they seem […]

Cameron’s mistake: British politics and the Return of History

April 26, 2012


An edited version of this article was published for Open Democracy as Cameron’s mistake, Murdoch and the ‘return of history’ The End of History Fukuyama told us that history was over, and David Cameron believed him. In a sense you can understand how he made the mistake. Cameron is the first modern British prime minister […]

An idiots guide to arguing with bankers

October 17, 2011


I was recently drawn into a petty dispute with a total stranger on Facebook about the causes of the financial crisis. Although the individual (who I will allow to remain anonymous) has some pretty bizarre views on the EU and the welfare state, his positions on the cost of the bailouts are illuminating. The exchange […]

News International: Britain’s Camorra

July 19, 2011


An edited version of this article was published on the website Open Democracy as News International: Britain’s Mafia The 2008 film Gomorrah, loosely based on Roberto Saviano’s book of the same name, follows the lives of five people living in the southern Italian city of Naples. Eschewing the tiresome Hollywood format of intertwining stories in which […]